Tired of Indoor Party In The Room? Make a Fascinating and Interesting Garden Party Using Patio Umbrella

Bored with a monotonous party atmosphere aka just so-so only? Try to make a party in the open space. Bored with a monotonous party atmosphere aka just so-so only? Try to make a party in the open space, we will give you some tips to make your garden party a success and become an unforgettable moment.

  1. Party Time

Given during the day the weather is very hot, do the party start the afternoon or night so the weather is not too hot. To remember, do not make a party during the rainy season. Given the party going on in the open, everything you’ve prepared will be useless if it rains. The party may be disbanded, because who else wants to party in the rain?

  1. Prepare a shade tent

Even though you will have a party, not in the rainy season, but the weather can not be predicted exactly. Like lately where the rain can go down anytime without knowing the season. For that, there is nothing wrong you anticipate the things that are desired by preparing a shade tent, such as a gazebo, Best Patio Umbrella, or party tent.

  1. Decorations

Decorating becomes very important to determine the success or failure of a party. Make the decor as interesting and unique as possible. If the party is held at night, you can play with the lights to create a romantic impression.

  1. Capacity

Given a party held in the garden, adjust the capacity of the garden or garden with invited guests. Do not let the guests jostle. Given the concept is a standing party, then let guests freely take a walk enjoying the atmosphere.

  1. Equipment

Although the concept of a garden party is a standing party, keep the chairs ready so guests can also sit in a relaxed and comfortable manner. For cups and plates, use disposable plates or cups such as those made of plastic to make it more practical.

  1. Food

One of the mainstay menu and may be mandatory in the barbecue. BBQ party makes the atmosphere more warm and intimate. For heavy meals, prepare the buffet menu and do not forget to provide light snacks.

  1. Banish Insects

Given the party took place in the garden or garden, of course, will be many insects such as mosquitoes who participated partying. Well, to prevent the insects are not partying that actually disturb the family party, spray the garden with insect spray before the party. In addition, you can also use candles to repel insects.