What Is Business Cloud Hosting and Does Your Business Need It?

If you operate a business then you have likely heard the phrase ‘Business Cloud Hosting’ floating around your inner circles. While many business owners area aware of the term and have embraced it, others find themselves to be confused about what Business Cloud Hosting is and whether or not they need it.

If you identify with the latter, keep reading.

When it comes to the world of technology, cloud hosting isn’t something new. In fact, on a personal and consumer level, you are likely already using services that utilize its platform. Examples would be any photo storage apps you have on your phone or on your computer or if you use an online document editing suite like Google Docs.

However, Business Cloud Storage is a concept which has recently become a trend due to the drastic improvements in the infrastructure that powers the technology. Companies like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud have made strides in improving the technology so that it is now at a level where entire online companies can operate their business without any physical infrastructure.

The Groupon Coupons page for J Crew makes for the perfect example. As a service, Groupon is able to utilize cloud hosting technology to host its site and affiliated services. This leaves Groupon in an advantageous position where it does not have to purchase, manage, and maintain expensive and physical hardware.

The benefits go beyond financial, however.

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