5 measures Mr. Jai took to ensure a successful car insurance claim.

Mr. Jai is a forward thinker. Like the old adage goes, he likes to be safe rather than be sorry, but who doesn’t, right? However, the difference between people like you and me and people like Mr. Jai is that he is always two steps ahead of everything in life; he ensures things are in place for tomorrow, today!

He takes this outlook and applies it to everything in life, including his car insurance policy. So while others assume that they’ll probably never have to make a claim on their insurance policy, Mr. Jai is already planning for such an eventuality. In fact, he has already taken 5 solid steps to ensure that if and when he needs to make a claim; it will be a successful one. Let’s take a look at these 5 steps:

  1. Understanding the claim process & getting all the claim information.

    Mr. Jai started preparing for a claim the moment he purchased his car insurance policy. This might seem a little far-fetched but it really isn’t. It just involves sitting at the insurance company’s branch for a few more minutes and taking the time to understand the claim process in detail. Have the sales executive take you through all the claims information; who to contact, what to do, which documents are required, etc. In addition to this, Mr. Jai also took note of all the claim-related helpline numbers.

    2. Keeping his policy documents safe & easily accessible.

    Having your policy document on hand when you need a claim is very important. This is why you should store this document safely and inform a spouse about its whereabouts. In today’s day and age, most of us have only an email of the policy document that’s easily lost in a sea of other emails from your insurance company. So if you’ve purchased an online policy, it makes sense to keep a physical copy.

    3. Keeping his insurance & PUC valid.

    Did you know that, without a valid PUC or driving license, your car insurance claim could be rejected? This is exactly why Mr. Jai makes it a point to set reminders for renewal of his PUC and keeps the expiry of his driving license in mind to ensure that if and when he needs to make a claim, all his official paper work is in order.

4. Mr. Jai keeps his car road worthy at all times.

He gives his car for regular servicing; this keeps his car in mint condition at all times. If he spots any leaks or experience any issues, he get his car to the mechanic as soon as possible. Most take it for granted but, your car insurance policy can be rejected if it is found that it is being driven in a non-road-worthy condition.

5. Read the policy document carefully.

The last and probably the most important step Mr. Jai took was to read and understand the policy documents completely. This ensured he was fully aware of any blind spots or exclusions that could cause complications during the claim process.

After following these steps, Mr. Jai is now fully prepared to make a successful car insurance claim. We hope you follow suite and ensure you are ready for an unfortunate event. Good luck and drive safe!